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A shrink machine that relies on the blowing of hot air creating a tornado effect , and boasts a large share of the market with a proven track record.

Company Profile

Preferred countries


Product Information


  • Beautiful packaging with the TORNADO method (patented)!
  • The hot air circulating mechanism reduces costs!
  • Operation of three parts only for making adjustments
  • small-footprint machine and energy conservation


  • Suitable for all packages even products that are sensitive to heat or water
  • Compatible with high-mix low-volume production
  • It can handle everything from the packaging of different-shaped containers to liquids, dried goods, empty containers, etc.

Product uniqueness

he TORNADO® method works by blowing hot air from four directions to create a tornado effect, allowing beautiful, instantaneous shrink packaging from 360 degrees (patented). It results in smooth and uniform packaging, achieving a beautiful finish, equivalent to that of steam shrink packaging.
It can also handle PET, OPS and other eco-friendly films.

Minimum order quantity

One unit


Power-supply voltage3-phase 200V 50 / 60Hz 100A (actual current about 53Amax)
Heater capacityPreheating section: 6 kW, main heating section: 9 kW, total: 15 kW
Blower capacityPreheating part: 400W (hot air circulation), Main heating part: 400W (hot air circulation), total: 800W
Opening and closing mechanismGas spring assist mechanism
Applicable work sizeHeight: 280mm, width: within 100mm
Body materialInside body: SUS304, Outer body: SPCC baking (2.5Y9 / 1), Conveyor: Frame SUS304, SS plating
Machine weightTransport unit and main body approx. 500 kg

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