With the slogan "Aiming for the best rather than the maximum", we are responding to your various needs.
We will build a solid partnership with you with cutting-edge processing technology and improvement of the producing technology. And we offer the best technology and the best quality at the best price.

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Representative's nameMotohiko Ifuku
FoundedAugust 1980
Capital50 million yen
Sales amount470 million yen
number of employees50

Company introduction

Subtractive manufacturing techniques such as cutting, grinding, and electrical machining are fine for producing to design drawings, but they are not suitable for the complex shapes and weight restrictions of today’s topological designs.
Conversely, additive manufacturing technologies like 3D printing can be used to fabricate complex components that would normally be assembled from multiple parts.
At Ifuku Seimitsu, we can call on both technologies to ensure you get the best products to suit your requirements.
Unlike some manufacturers, which lack the metalworking expertise needed to remove the support structures that remain on a newly printed 3D item and simply leave it up to the client to arrange that process themselves, we are able to complete your products in house.

Main sales industries

  • Manufacturing (Metal / Plastics, Additive Manufacturing)

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Akashi Kaikyo Bridge


It is a large suspension bridge that connects Main land and Awaji Island. Since its opening in 1998, it is famous as the longest suspension bridge in the world until September 2020. Nicknamed "Pearl Bridge," it is lit up in various colors at night depending on the season and date and time.
Akashi is also famous for Akashiyaki, and Akashiyaki, which uses plenty of eggs, is famous, and Akashiyaki contains octopus. See here for details.