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Mask inside holder

  • mask inside holder
  • mask inside holder
  • mask inside holder
  • mask inside holder
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  • 画像
  • 画像
  • 画像

It was developed to make a comfortable space while wearing a mask. This is an auxiliary device. And it prevents discomfort and heat buildup.

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Preferred countries

Asia, Oceania, North America, Europe, Middle East

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Product Information


  • The 3D design provides excellent stability on a face, and a space can be created simply by hanging a mask.
  • The appearance is inconspicuous because only the hook is visible.
  • Its weight is only 5g, so it is comfortable to wear it for a long time.
  • It can be attached to non-woven fabric and cloth (thickness 2.4mm or less).
  • The holder which is made by PP (polypropylene) material can be cleaned with alcohol or water.
  • It can be used for all seasons.


  • Attached when using a mask

Minimum order quantity

300 pieces



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