Regetta Co., Ltd.

Regetta Co., Ltd.

We started a footwear manufacturer as “Takamoto Rubber Industry” on March 15, 1968.
Incorporated into a limited company on March 1, 2006 (changed company name to Shoes Minish) to gain social recognition and seek better human resources
Company name changed to Regetta Co, Ltd. on November 1, 1980

Company nameRegetta Co., Ltd.
Address1-9-24 Tatsuminishi Ikuno-ku, Osaka 544-0012, Osaka Access >
Representative's nameYasuro Takamoto
FoundedMarch 15, 1968
Capital3,000,000 yen

Company introduction

We would like to make people happy by walking.

The people we provide our products to are bored and stopped every day.

They are sometimes worried about daily life with little change
They are feeling hazy without knowing the way they want to go.

But if they can know the joy of walking by meeting our products?

Rather than challenge afraid of failure and lead a mediocre life without waves,
Instead, what if you can feel strongly that you want to convey this feeling to someone!
What if they could realize that they enjoyed walking to create new encounters and discoveries and that they have the opportunity
to change their daily life? What makes us different is that
we are thinking desperately about anything, worried, and trying to have fun.
We believe in our potential and never give up despite repeated failures.

We believe that we must keep changing while looking back on our progress.

And we promise to face and challenge and enjoy it.

Main sales industries

  • Shoes / Sandals Maker (Manufacturing Department) ... Offering products to wholesale customers
  • Internet sales (retail department) ... Direct sales to users at our site, Rakuten Shop (Alto Libro)

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Ikuno Korea Town

Ikuno Korea Town

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Access: 10 to 15 minutes on foot from the nearest station, JR Momodani Station or JR Tsuruhashi Station / Kintetsu Tsuruhashi Station. See herefor details.