Regetta Canoe

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"A fun stroll town" and "Go play, enjoy your town"

The shoe crafted for the modern human who often walks on hard surfaces.
A tool designed for them to enjoy their town to the fullest --- that's the CANOE.
Take a brand new step into town with the Canoe!

Product Information


  • "A tool to help you enjoy a stroll around town."
    There are many comfortable shoes out there that hold back on good design.
    Our "stroll around town" style keeps the balance between the two ---comfort and design.
    Our round outer-sole was invented with the commuter in mind, who constantly walks on hard surfaces, and the upper part of the shoe creates a fun juxtaposition.
    The unique and simple design, ease of coordination with your clothes are some of our favorite points --- and they are super easy to slip on and off!
    The Canoe is a tool that helps you enjoy your town even more!
  • Support ideal way of walking: The correct way of walking "rolling walking" can be performed unconsciously.
  • Reduce to take horny skin: Reduces rubbing that causes keratin, resulting in a healthy and beautiful foot.
  • High shock absorption: Although it has a unique round cut-and-sew shape, it reduces the impact on the soles and knees during installation.
  • Stimulate the arch on the sole: Fits well to the arch that is not normally stimulated, and distributes the force across the sole to reduce fatigue.
  • Warm the sole of the foot: Gummy insole with a unique shape firmly stimulates the arch, resulting in warming up the body.
  • Safety-friendly shape: The distinctive outsole of Rigetta Canoe is also highly safe.


  • Shoes that enjoy town walking pursuing ease of walking

Product uniqueness

Regetta Canoe was created so that people walking on hard roads can enjoy walking around the city more. A unique design with a big foot drawing bold lines.

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