Portable Medium Replacement System

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Suitable for applications where constant and frequent medium replacement is required. (e.g. iPS cell culture)

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Preferred countries

North America, South America, Europe, India

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Product Information


  • Automatic medium replacement
  • The culture medium is replaced automatically at a specified interval (3, 6, 12, or 24 hours).

  • Can be used in an incubator
  • The system can operate continuously for up to 7 days with batteries, and be placed in an incubator without any wiring.

  • Accommodates a standard 6-well plate
  • A standard 6-well plate can be used, which reduces running cost and minimizes environmental changes resulting from introducing the system.

  • Observable on a microscope
  • The 6-well plate can remain in the system and be placed on a microscope stage when you observe the cells, which also reduces environmental changes.

  • Disposable
  • All system components that are exposed to the medium can be replaced.

Minimum order quantity

1 pc


Model NumberCEME-0102
Outer DimensionsW194×D228×H140 mm
Product WeightApproximately 500g (Medium weight not included)
Power SupplyAA Alkaline Battery *2
Applicable Culture Vessel6-well plate *1
Initially Required Medium Volume (per well)3ml *2
Volume Replaced(per well)2.7ml *2
Medium Replacement Interval3h/6h/12h/24h
Wetted Part MaterialSilicone, SUS304, PP
Bottle Capacity125ml

*1 Recommended well plate: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.:NUNC #140675, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. MS-80060
*2 Volume may slightly vary depending on the type of well plate.

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