Diaphragm Isolation Valves NV/NLV Series

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This is a ultra-small solenoid diaphragm valve with the outer diameter of 5.7 mm, which is highly chemically inert. The internal volume is only 1.2 μl (pipe type: 4.3μl).

The internal volume pursued miniaturization to the limit of 1.2μl. Among these, the internal volume of the valve chamber, which can be a dead volume, is only 0.75 μl. It can help to reduce the amount of samples and improve the accuracy.

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Preferred countries

North America, South America, Europe, India

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Product Information


  • Small


  • Sample size reduction and accuracy improvement

Minimum order quantity

1 pc


MethodNV SeriesNLV series
MethodsolenoidLatch type solenoid
Orifice (mm)0.4mm
IN port pressure0~100 kPa
-~1 bar
-~14.51 psi
OUT port pressure (NC)0~50 kPa
-~0.5 bar
-~7.26 psi
OUT port pressure (NC)(NO)-~- kPa
-~- bar
-~- psi
Port connectionGasket (Optionally Pipe)
Body materialPEEK (Optionally PPS)
Seal materialFFKM (Optionally FKM)
Other wetted materials-
Rated voltage5VDC、12VDC
Power consumption1.2W
Operating durationIntermittent ED = 40%
Outer dimensionsφ5.7 x 27 ~ 32.5mm
Fluid temperature range10-50 ° C
Ambient temperature range10-50 ° C

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