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Medical low frequency treatment device
The waveform of Bio Fascia is called the DC high-frequency square wave group waveform, and it has deep reachability and current electrode action, and can be expected to have a stimulating effect on deep neuromuscular and deep fascia. In particular, the deep muscles of the trunk greatly affect the balance of the body, so it is important for the stability of the trunk of the elderly.

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Four features that Bio Fascia can do;

  • Analgesic, sedative effect
  • Polarity is fixed (minus pole). Cathode current effect because there is no unpleasant electrical stimulation due to high frequency synthesis. Acute and chronic analgesia, sedative effect and deep stimulation effect of high frequency special waveform have remission effect of pain, inflammation and swelling, and the effect is sustained.

  • Electrical proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation(ePNF)
  • The special waveform is used in combination with PNF by the procedure to promote the reaction of the neuromuscular mechanism in a short time, in addition to the pain control and blood circulation action by muscle contraction of general low frequency and interference waves. There is no unpleasant electrical stimulation due to high frequency synthesis, the anode current effect. Combined with exercise therapy for rehabilitation after cerebrovascular accident, high-frequency synthetic waves act on deep muscles and nerves, and muscle contraction can be obtained.

  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation(NMES)
  • NMES is a treatment method that aims to obtain various reactions by stimulating nerves and muscles with electrical stimulation. NMES with a special waveform of up to 80,000 Hz moves passively to deep muscles by re-education of nerves and muscles, and can be expected to strengthen muscles and restore muscle function.

  • Muscular fascia release(MFR)
  • The special waveform with a radio frequency component (80,000 Hz) acts on and damages the deep fascia and the extracellular matrix (ECM) that surrounds the fascia, helping to normalize the tense fascia and ECM. Conventional low frequencies and interference waves do not provide sufficient energization to deep areas.And the high-frequency AC single waveform can reach the deep part, but the deep neuromuscular does not react. The reason is that high frequencies do not excite nerve muscles.
    * Extracellular matrix (ECM): A fibrous or network-like structure outside the somatic cells that make up the ecology. Main components include collagen, hyaluronic acid, and proteoglycan.


  • Pain treatment
  • rehabilitation in postoperative recovery period
  • Muscle training

Product uniqueness

Synthetic waveform of high frequency current (80kHz, 60kHz, 40kHz) and low frequency current (31Hz, 62Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz)

Minimum order quantity

1 unit


rated voltageAC100V(50/60Hz)
Power consumptionA type: 40VA, B type: 32VA
Outer dimensions440mm(W)×310mm(D)×230mm(H)
WeightA type: 10kg, B type: 9kg
basic frequency500Hz, 250Hz, 125Hz, 62Hz, 31Hz (5 level)
carrier frequency80kHz, 60kHz, 40kHz (3 level)
*carrier frequency is MF (high frequency square wave group waveform)
number of channel4 channel, 2 switching timer
Classification of medical devicesmanagement medical equipment, specific maintenance management medical equipment
class separationclass 2
Form of protection against electric shockclass 1
level of protection against electric shockBF type mounting equipment
identification number229AIBZX00006000
Manufacturing and sales license number27B2X00036
Manufacturing registration number27BZ001000

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