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The EMS that can be used for multiple purposes such as sport, beauty care and prevention of locomotive syndrome. The skin resistance is reduced as much as possible and it affects the deep muscles by using a carrier wave. The microcurrent function can be used for recovery after game and practice in the sports field. Since this microcurrent also uses a carrier wave, it affects not only the superficial muscles but also the deep muscles.

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  • The inside and outside of the cells of the human body are filled with a liquid that conducts electricity. The outer membrane of a cell (cell membrane) is an insulator that does not conduct electricity. However, high-frequency current has the property of passing through cell membranes.
  • The electrical resistance / impedance of a living body is electrically replaced by a parallel circuit composed of electronic components of a resistor and a capacitor (equivalent circuit of Cole). The higher the frequency, the smaller the skin resistance (skin impedance). It makes it easier to conduct electricity.
  • The high frequency EMS current is equipped with a new waveform that combines the high frequency of the carrier wave and the low frequency that causes muscle contraction.
  • Since the polarity of this waveform is fixed by direct current, electrode current action can be obtained. And a completely different current action of the cathode and the anode can be obtained.
  • Especially in terms of cosmetology, the moisturizing effect of the skin appears remarkably due to the negative ion action of the cathode, and it brightens facial expressions and creates a moisturized condition in a short time.
  • As prevention of locomotive syndrome, it promotes muscle contraction of the inner muscles of the trunk, such as the iliopsoas muscle, abdominal oblique muscle, transversus abdominis muscle, and pelvic floor muscle group. In addition to posture correction and balance adjustment, it is possible to train the muscle groups necessary for walking by strengthening the muscles of the limbs.
  • The above functions can be performed in a short time by point intensive care using not only adhesive conductors but also probe type conductors.


  • Compact & portable EMS massage item

Minimum order quantity

5 units


Rated power supplyAV100V 50/60Hz With dedicated AC adapter, Built-in lithium-ion battery
Outer dimensions80(W)×165(H)×35(D)mm
Weightabout 330g
output2 channel
waveformhigh frequency square wave group waveform
functionfrequency 5 to 125Hz (fixed and change function)
time1 to 60 min (1 min interval)

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